New Calibers from Starline Brass for 2018

Starline Brass was on our “must visit” list for the 2018 SHOT Show.  The reason was simple, they are a brass company that is producing brass for new and cutting edge cartridges, that we enjoy shooting and hunting with!  We have listed some of the new calibers from Starline Brass for 2018 below and also had a chance to speak with Hunter from Starline about these new offerings.  We’ll be doing some shooting with their .224 Valkyrie brass, so stay-tuned for more information on this new brass.


  • 224 Valkyrie (Small Rifle primer)
    1.588 – 1.592 O.A.L.
  • .277 Wolverine (Small Rifle primer)
    1.524 – 1.528 O.A.L.
  • 6.5 Grendel (Small Rifle primer)
    1.508 – 1.512 O.A.L.
  • 458 HAM’R (Small Rifle primer)
    1.569 – 1.576 O.A.L.
  • .450 BUSHMASTER (Small Rifle primer)
    1.693 – 1.697 O.A.L.
  • 6.5 Creedmoor (Large Rifle primer)
    6.5mm CM, 6.5mm Creedmoor
    1.908 – 1.912 O.A.L.
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I am a 51 year old die-hard hunter located in SW Idaho, who has been hunting since age 13.I have hunted in almost every county in California, as well as in Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and even parts of Canada!
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