RZE UNIMAG Multi-caliber One AR Mag that takes 5 Different Cartridges

The RZE UNIMAG Multi-caliber one AR mag that takes 5 different cartridges, was announced yesterday.  RZE (Ross Zheng Engineering) states that this one magazine has been proven to reliably handle the following different types of ammunition:

  • 223 / 556/ 300 BLK (based on the 223 case) = #30 rounds
  • 5.45×39 = #29 rounds
  • 6.8 SPC = #26 rounds
  • 7.62×39 = #25 rounds
  • 6.5 Grendel = #24 rounds
  • 458 Socom = #12 rounds

If this magazine functions well and does what is advertised, we feel it would be a great option for AR15 Hunters who switch calibers on their AR15s, depending on the hunting season.

Unimag AR15 Magazine

Unimag AR15 Magazine

Here is their press release:

UNIMAG multi-caliber magazine offers ammo flexibility for AR-15 firearms

Ross Zheng Engineering enters the industry with their first product – the UNIMAG multi-caliber magazine. RZE –aware of a rapidly evolving AR-15 marketplace where modularity is the standard and quick-change barrels bring affordable multi-caliber options to shooters – the UNIMAG promises to set a new standard.

The UNIMAG provides function to existing AR-15 platforms, as well as encouraging the development and expansion of new AR-15 multi-caliber designs.

New levels of reliability and versatility are achieved by the patented design of a controlled-tilt follower, which maintains stability and greatly reduces jamming.

This feature works together with the self-adjusting magazine shell to regulate the fit of various cartridge diameters – which brings a value-packed product into the hands of AR-15 enthusiasts.

RZE partners with gun manufacturers looking for new ways to improve safety, performance and reliability in their rifle product lines. The company is committed to bringing true innovation and performance to gun owners and gun manufacturers. The UNIMAG is expected to ship in the fall of 2015, but pre-orders are being accepted at rosszhengengineering.com.

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