Deer Hunting – Take a Friend and His AR-10

One of the greatest joys of my life living here in Nebraska, is that I get to guide a few close friends to some incredible deer.  We focus hard on shooting only quality bucks and taking as many does as possible as they are in great abundance.

One such friend named Eric started deer hunting with me three years ago after a long time away from the woods for professional reasons. Each year he gets bigger and bigger deer, and every year he has shot his buck on opening day! He says it’s because I have already hunted them for 5 months prior, and while this is true, those of you who hunt whitetail know it is also about being quiet, still and vigilant. Thus I have nicknamed him the Buck Slayer as he exemplifies all of those traits. This year was no exception.

Leading up to this season Eric had mentioned to me that he was building a rifle for his work that he wanted to use for hunting. When he mentioned it was an AR-10 platform I was immediately excited. What he showed up with would certainly end up getting the job done!

Eric's AR-10 Rifle Ready for the Hunt!

Eric’s AR-10 Rifle Ready for the Hunt!

During the rifle season of 2014 I had a number of friends and my dad here to enjoy hunting. On opening day of deer season I was busy helping my dad and a friend from the east coast hunt a couple of monster bucks. Eric called and asked if he could go. I said sure! But he would have to hunt alone as I was taking the other two out that evening.

Now Eric laughs at my methods, but never laughs at the results. I start scouting with cameras and on foot in June typically. And by deer season I pretty much have the deer patterned. The spot I was sending him on this night is an old farm where big bucks and lots of does abound. Several years ago I shot a beautiful 4×4 140″ whitetail that hangs on my shop wall.

After listening to my instructions on how to approach in the wind, where to sit and what to watch for, Eric headed out.

Right at dark I got a call from Eric. He had shot a buck AND a doe! He managed to get them out by himself as I was tied up with hunters myself. All he could say on the phone was that he shot a good one and I would be proud of him and he would meet us at the house…then his phone died.

When we arrived at the house he pulled up, hopped out, and proceeded to tell me how that spot was awesome! I nodded as he recounted how he was sitting on the hill in the cedars when this mature buck came out with some doe. He waited to see if it would come closer but when it didn’t he decided to take the shot. The buck dropped in it’s tracks and the doe basically just milled around. As he had a doe tag he proceeded to shoot one of those for the meat as well after picking out a nice “long nose” (mature doe).

A Nice Nebraska Buck Taken by the Author's Friend and the Friend's AR-10!

A Nice Nebraska Buck Taken by the Author’s Friend and the Friend’s AR-10!

In all it was a great hunt for my dear friend. I am very proud of him for the wonderful 11 point buck he shot this year. It brings me great joy when friends have a successful hunt. And this year with four mature bucks and a handful of does, that feeling was strong!

The Author's Friend, Eric, with His Big Nebraska Buck taken with an AR-10.

The Author’s Friend, Eric, with His Big Nebraska Buck taken with an AR-10.

Joe Chambers

Gun Specs:

  • Armalite lower
  • Armalite AR10-T upper 16 inch medium weight barrel
  • Armalite national match 2 stage trigger
  • DPMS ambi safety
  • Primary Weapons Systems FSC break
  • Troy 13″ Alpha Battle rail
  • Troy flush mount sling swivel
  • Larue FDE index clips and hand stop
  • Magpul FDE MIAD grip
  • Magpul FDE UBR stock
  • KNS FDE anti walk pins
  • Dueck Defense RTS 45° offset sites
  • Millet DMS-1 ATACS camp 1-4 power scope
  • Burris P.E.P.R. Scope mount
  • Vicking Tactics padded 2 point sling Magnilever cat tail
  • BCM large charging gunfighter charging handle


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