Preview Video of the BA Hanson Series Barrel from Ballistic Advantage

While attending the 2015 SHOT Show, we spoke with Clint Hanson from Ballistic Advantage about a lightweight hunting rifle.  He made up a 16″ BA Hanson Series, 1:8″ twist, AR15 barrel for us to put together a lighter rifle to do some serious range work and then take it with us predator hunting later this month.  This barrel has been installed and is ready to hit the range, as soon as the weather lets up and the snow is clear!  We will have a complete range and hunt report on this barrel, as well as more information on putting together your own lightweight hunting AR15.  We made up a preview video of the BA Hanson Series barrel from Ballistic Advantage, which you can view below.

Ballistic Advantage is currently running a deal to get 10% off your first purchase:

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