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Coyote hunts with my daugher...

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Posted 03 October 2014 - 08:34 AM

thought I would share these 2 storys with the group here.

back story, I have only been coyote hunting for a couple of years now and ever since I started my youngest daughter has wanted to go with dad, so back in the 2012 season I took her out one chilly day @november I think it was..



"begin flashback music"

so anyway Alexis had been asking me to go on a hunt with me and I finally agreed to take her out. I loaded up the truck with all my gear and Alexis got ready...

for starters kids have no clue about their "human" scent...lol I'm pretty sure she stopped by the perfume counter at Walmart before she came outside...lol anyway she looked really cute in her camo outfit hat and all! 

 so by now I figured this hunt was over and I was just going to take her out and see what if anything we could call in. 


When we arrived at one of my spots Alexis was acting a little nervous, I asked her what was wrong and if she was OK, she replied that she was OK and everything was fine but I knew better, she was kinda scared. so I thought I would do something a little different.

I asked again if she was OK and she just nodded yes, I was thinking that she didn't really want to see Dad shot a Coyote just yet so I offered to leave my rifle in the truck and we would just go see if we could call anything in. She agreed to that in a heartbeat.


 well we walked about a mile and set up in a wooded fencerow and I set up the caller and started calling...nothing..after about 15 minutes I decided  it was time to move to another location. so we walked for a little while and I started seeing tracks coyote tracks,deer tracks and coon tracks. once I showed Alexis all the different tracks around us the "hunt" ended...lol

 we spent the rest of the afternoon tracking different animals and even found some old deer sheds that had been gnawed on my the squirrels. 

Alexis ended up having a great first hunt!!! and so did I.


now last season Alexis asked about going out again..

So we loaded up again and went to a new location I scouted via Google satellite view (awesome tool) 


 the weather was good not too cold if I remember it was in the 30's or 40's. Alexis wanted to take her bow oh I forgot to mention that she has her own bow! and is quite good with it. back to the story.

I told her she couldn't hunt with because she didn't have a license yet. disappointed but determined she agreed to go anyway.

we walked into a great wooded area with lots of open areas and some small areas of brush, this property bordered some farm ground  so we set up in a sweet little shooting lane on the outside of the farmers field, we were probably 150 yards from an old brush pile the farmer had piled up a few years ago with big trees. 

 I set out my Foxpro and rabbit decoy and then set Alexis against a tree about 30 yards from the call straight east of the call, she had a perfect line of sight to the decoy, I set up right about her 10 O'clock position and a little closer to the decoy.


 I started the foxpro out with the rabbit distress and let it run and run and run on and off for 15 minutes and we got nothing.....

so I'm sitting there thinking about switching sounds but what to go with??

I picked the Raspy Woodpecker, lots of noise and excitement with it surely it would attract any coyotes if any were around.....BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!


about 2 minutes into calling I spotted movement to my left, I looked over at Alexis to signal her that something was coming in and she had her nose buried into her Iphone!!! Damn kids...lol anyway I made a little noise and got her attention I motioned to her to look at the decoy and right about that time I spotted it.....


It was a grey fox at first I couldn't figure out what it was because I had never seen one, I raised up y rifle to look at it (I told Alexis earlier if I raised up my rifle to be prepared for the bang and to cover her ears SLOWLY) I wasn't going to shoot just wanted a better look at the critter that was now about 5 ft.. from my decoy..

 It was hilarious!! here is this little grey fox looking at this stuffed rabbit vibrating around in circles...I could see it in that poor foxes eyes...hes looking at my decoy thinking "hmmmm I see a rabbit, hear a woodpecker and smell dogs WTH?"


I tried to get Alexis to get a pic with her phone but alas Iphones don't take good pics, anyway while we are watching this little fox dance and run around the decoy ANOTHER one runs past us! that's right there were 2 running around, one would run by the decoy and off into the woods then the other one would run by it..


 we sat there and watched those confused foxes run back and fourth for at least 20 minutes until the foxes got bored or tired and gave up, once the stopped I got up and asked Alexis what she thought about the foxes...she said I'm glad you didnt shoot one they were cute...lol


once we gathered up the decoy and caller i asked Alexis if she was ready to go home and we headed back towards the car, I did take her out to the brush pile and what do you know there were tiny little fox tracks all around that brush pile, I showed all the tracks to Alexis and told her that was probably the Foxes den.


we walked back out to the car


another successful hunt!


I am so looking fore ward to this years "hunt"


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#2 Eric Mayer

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Posted 04 October 2014 - 07:16 AM

Great story!


My daughter is now 17.  When she was young we had a few times like that and I remember them like it happened yesterday.  Keep her interested and hopefully she'll continue joining you for years to come!


Now, getting over the "cute" factor might be hard, but at least you're out doing what you love and having experiences you will remember for the rest of your days!  :)


Eric  B)

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